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You’re probably wondering what a dating coach is.


It’s understandable, because there aren’t many around.


In fact, Wingman is one of the only services which offers comprehensive dating training in the United Kingdom.


A dating coach helps guide you through the complicated world of modern dating.


We offer simple and easy-to-follow dating training you can use to put yourself back in charge of your love life.


Because finding a partner who ticks all your boxes isn’t a miracle, it’s a process.


A process which can fit into your existing lifestyle, even if you haven’t dated in a long time, or if your job is your main focus.


And no, we do not teach you to use pick up lines or tell you what you should or should not say on dates.


We just help you rebuild your dating life brick by brick, advising you on everything from past relationships to creating eye-catching photos for your dating profile.

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Are you single professional? Feeling under pressure that you're running out of time to meet someone? Are you disillusioned with online dating and attracting undesirable matches?

You are not alone! At Wingman we can understand and empathise with your situation from personal experience and the great news is, we know exactly how to transform your dating experience.


We focus our coaching on self-development and will support and guide you through transforming your outlook and approach to dating and relationships.

We will work with you to create an action plan that will guarantee to reach your dating goals faster than you could ever imagine.


We understand our clientele are busy professionals who want to invest in their dating lives, so we base our dating service around planning and preparation, rather than quick fixes.


It’s about making your love life work for you, instead of compromising your career or your family trying to cram in more dates.


Hiring a dating coach is still a relatively new idea in the UK, but many successful single professionals are now experiencing the benefits of improved confidence, meaningful dates and greater control over their love lives.


A lot of our dating training focuses on creating great experiences. Our dating consultant Robert Noakes encourages you to spend dates doing activities you actually enjoy, freeing yourself from self-consciousness and being frozen by social protocol.


Instead of doing things you think you should be doing on a date, such as going to a bar or restaurant, we will help you pick places and activities you want to experience, regardless of who you’re with.


When you’re having fun, you’ll increase your chances of developing chemistry with your match, because they will see you at your happiest. If it doesn’t work out, it’s no problem. There are always new people to meet, and you’ll come away from the date with a worthwhile experience regardless.


It’s this emphasis on practical planning and unashamed enjoyment that sets our dating service apart. As work hours become longer and your chances to meet new people become narrower, it’s easy to feel pressured to make every date count.


This is where our dating service comes in, helping you to build your confidence and create meaningful dates which fit within your busy schedule.


Laura, Director

I'm now happily in a relationship which wouldn't have happened without Robert and the team

Karl, CEO

Always brilliant advice given by Robert! More people should open up to coaching to better their chances of a quality match for them

Jo, Director

I had no idea investing in my profile photos could transform the men I was attracting