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"Wingman Dating Training is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. We’re here to help you make genuine connections with prospective partners, for long term companionship and relationship success. We believe dating should be approached with integrity and honesty, as well as enthusiasm and optimism." Robert Noakes - Founder Wingman Dating Training


Operations Manager, Wingman Dating Training

A mum of two with a successful career in Project Management, Emma found herself single for the first time in 19 years at the age of 39.

Feeling lost and bewildered when it came to dating and having no idea how you meet someone, a friend introduced Emma to the whole new world of dating apps. At first it was very exciting, but excitement soon turned to frustration when she was asked for the 100th time her bra size. Fortunately for Emma, after she kissed a few frogs her Prince Charming showed up and showed her that there are good guys on dating apps and since then she's never looked back. Emma wants to pass her experience onto and help you find love as she did.


Founder & Head Coach, Wingman Dating Training

A combination of working long, unsociable hours and co parenting two young children gave Robert very limited time for socialising and dating. To be truly successful in dating he had no alternative but to fine tune his dating skills, becoming an expert in all the dating apps and what they could offer, studying the laws of attraction and self development, Robert became very successful at dating. After years of extensive dating he'd mastered the art of always having great dates. Fast-forward to 2020, Robert met his partner in life and love and now his business partner through an online dating app. It's his passion to help others, therefore he wants to share his secrets to dating success with you and help as many people as possible find the love they deserve.