Support Group


One-to-one coaching from our resident dating expert Robert Noakes each and every week over a 12 week period. He’ll help you learn:


  • Powerful, tried and tested methods for better balancing your home, work and dating life so you don’t have to choose between income OR romance

  • Self development secrets that can make you twice as attractive to the opposite sex and transform your wellbeing in the process

  • How to increase your confidence around the opposite sex using everyday common sense techniques

  • Why your previous relationships petered out and never went where you wanted them to go

  • How to avoid those same mistakes and actually use these experiences to improve your chances of finding long term love

  • Working out where your relationship trouble spots are, and how to solve them in the most realistic ways possible

  • Gaining clarity over what you are looking for in a romantic relationship

  • Helping you decide which dating apps are the best fit for you

  • Provide you with the tools to master the art of attraction

  • The necessary skills and preparation to create the perfect date

  • Deliver guidance and feedback on creating outstanding dating profiles