Dating Coach for Men 


If you have worked hard focusing on your career but are struggling to find the right partner to share your successes with, then you need Wingman Dating Training for men.

We help you reestablish your natural confidence, attract the right partner and fit a healthy dating life into your existing routine, without sacrificing your career. 

How can we be so sure?

Because our training is led by our dating coach for men, Robert Noakes, who has experienced the same challenges as you.

Robert used to struggle to fit dating into his busy schedule, because he worked unsociable hours during the week and spent time with his young children on the weekends. He was always busy, but he needed to get his dating life back on track. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t the part where we tell you Robert discovered some miracle dating hack which instantly drew every woman in the Greater London area to his feet.

Intead, Robert used simple logic to improve his dating life, which is the basis of all Wingman’s dating training for men. 

Rather than treating dating apps as a waste of time, he realised they were a huge opportunity - especially given his hectic schedule.

Suddenly he had this massive database of single ladies who he could meet in his own time...and the time could be his own, if he organised himself well enough. 

Robert sometimes finished work early and always made sure those days of the week were his dating nights. 

These precious few hours required good old fashioned organisation. He thought long and hard about date ideas, places to meet and activities he actually wanted to do, until he had a long list of plans to choose from.

He even made sure he had outfits and aftershaves ready so that he didn’t have to worry about them on the night...planning everything so when there was an opportunity he could say “right, here we go then... I’m ready for anything!”

He’d come home from his shift, everything was ready and off he went to the places he wanted to go, because he had everything under control. 

Now he wants to help you do the same.

As a dating coach for men, Robert doesn’t allow you any time to overthink, or suffer any unnecessary negative thoughts.

It’s the fear of the unknown that really holds guys back on dates, so Robert helps you look at dating logically, rather than relying on gimmicky seduction hacks or wooden chat up lines.

Dating Coach for Men in UK

So how can Wingman Dating Training help you with dating?


  • We will teach you what ladies REALLY look for in men...and what you can do to display those qualities (hint: you have these qualities already…)

  • We will teach you the mindset that helps you attract the partner you want, without compromising your career and hobbies (in fact, this mindset technique actually makes it EASIER to pursue your interests, even while you’re on dates)

  • We will teach you simple techniques to stop feeling self-conscious, wooden and nervous on dates, and to stop replaying awkward date scenarios in your head

  • You won’t have to do anything that feels unnatural or forced during our dating training (like rehearsing embarrassing seduction lines or escalation tactics). Instead you will feel MORE comfortable being yourself after your coaching sessions.

  • Our approach is based around planning and preparation, not cringe-worthy chat up lines or unworkable lifestyle changes.

  • We will disclose the powerful marketing secret to creating a successful online dating profile (it’s exactly the same technique multinational corporations use to dominate their industries...).

  • Unlike many dating experts, we know exactly what it’s like to juggle kids, work and a social life from personal experience, so our dating training for men is designed to be realistic and workable.

  • Our Dating Transformation programme is ideally suited to clients who haven’t dated in a long time (especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time), and are feeling out of touch with modern dating. Our training does not require you to miraculously develop super-human confidence or deliver a movie star performance on dates.

  • One-to-one sessions with a dating consultant who can relate to your dating situation and give you practical advice...because he’s been in your shoes himself.

  • Helping you stand out on dating apps using model-esque photos which will grab attention (you will never have to upload mirror selfies and blurry holiday shots again)

  • Our professional dating copywriter will help you write a witty and conversation-sparking dating app bio, so you won’t have to worry about a boring description ever again.