Dating Coach for Women 


If you are tired of being constantly let down by men and feel you’re running out of time to find a partner you can share your life with, then you need Wingman Dating Training for women.

We will help you find the one partner who ticks all the boxes without having to endure sleazy Tinder messages, time wasting no-shows and bad matches. 

How can we be so sure?

Because you aren’t alone. We understand how heart-wrenching it is to sit through dates with matches you have nothing in common with, or waste precious time stuck in toxic relationships which only lead you back to square one again. 

This is particularly disappointing when you’ve worked hard to build a wonderful life for yourself, carving out a successful career and a buzzing social life.

All you want is to share your life with someone you can build a lasting, worthwhile relationship with, but you are frustrated with online dating and feel like your happy-ever-after is never going to happen. 

This is where we come in. 

Our dating coach for women, Robert Noakes, will teach you how to talk to men you are attracted to, how to create amazing dates and how to present yourself properly. 

Robert’s closest confidante (and his partner in life and business) Emma, has also helped him to shape our dating training methods towards women every step of the way, ensuring they are as useful to you as possible.

We will work with you to work out what went right and wrong in your past relationships, using these experiences as a springboard to a brighter future, and help you work out the type of partner you’re looking for. 

Often, it is the simple changes that are most effective in improving your dating life. We will help you to reorganise your existing routine if necessary, tweaking your schedule rather than forcing you to uproot the lifestyle you’ve worked hard for. 

This will give you more time to spend enjoying yourself on dates, because you won’t feel as pressured to ‘make every match count’. Your confidence will rise and you’ll find building genuine chemistry far easier than before.

Dating Coach for Women in UK

Here’s how our dating training for women can help you:

-    We will help you to heal the scars and break the cycle of past toxic relationships, and use these experiences to build a healthier relationship in the future.
-    You will be able to free up more time in your existing schedule, so you have ample opportunities for weekly dates without compromising your family or career.
-    We will help you create a collection of model-esque photos which will help you attract the right attention on dating apps, while detracting the creeps. This will save you time (and sanity) when talking to potential suitors online.
-    Our expert dating copywriter will work with you to write a dating app bio which displays your personality and your intentions in the best light possible, shortening the amount of time it will take for you to find suitable matches.
-    Our dating training for women offers you a way out of disheartening conversations with strangers you will never meet on dating apps, by angling your profile towards partners who are specifically your type (this will greatly reduce the amount of time-wasters you will have to endure).
-    We will help you to re-establish your inner confidence and self-worth, allowing you to enjoy meaningful dates without falling back into old cycles of behaviour or toxic relationships.
-    Our coaching sessions will help you work out the kind of person you’re trying to meet, and the kind of relationship you’d like. The answer to this is surprising for many of our clients, and is deemed one of the most important elements of our training.
-    Your dating pool will be considerably widened, giving you more choice over a larger pool of potential suitors. This will make it easier for you to make the right decision when the time comes.
-    Our dating coach for women, Robert Noakes, will help teach you techniques for spotting potential red flags on dates, saving you from cul-de-sac relationships and, potentially,