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If you are tired of feeling shunned by the opposite sex...watching your friends settle down while you swipe helplessly on Tinder...then you need Dating Transformation…a 12-week programme created by our resident dating expert Robert Noakes to find you a match who matters.

 Don’t worry, this isn’t another of those cringe-inducing ‘guru’ products that leave you high and dry after a couple of crummy pre-recorded videos.

 This is a simple, transparent and easy-to-follow programme that rebuilds your online dating profile brick by brick, to put you in charge of your love life and reclaim all those wasted hours talking to strangers you were never gonna meet.

 Okay, okay so...This sounds too good to be true, right?

 Well, if you’re after a quick fix to your dating problems, then it probably is.

 Because the Dating Transformation programme doesn’t contain any law of attraction guff or pick-up artist seduction hacks…...just old-fashioned, hard-won dating expertise that has been proven repeatedly to work...

 Don’t believe us? Well...Robert used this method to find the love of his life!

 Yes...after years of dead ends, boring conversations online and horrible dating experiences, he discovered a dating method that worked!

 A method he used to build a wildly successful dating life for himself and, of course, find his life partner...

 This method worked so well that Robert felt compelled to offer his services to others who don’t want to endure the years of pain that he did.

 So what did Robert discover?

 That there is a simple formula behind every successful online dating profile. Which is where our Dating Transformation programme comes in.

 Our Dating Transformation programme focuses on three key areas.

Online Dating Coach & Consultant

How has this system worked for us?

Dating Transformation’s methodology wasn’t plucked out of thin air. In fact, Robert only created Dating Transformation because the approach he incorporated into it helped him meet our Operations Manager, Emma Chamberlain. 

Yes, romance is at the heart of our online dating training, in every sense of the word. 

It’s why Robert became an online dating coach in the UK. He wanted to help others use the
approach that delivered him an abundant dating life and, ultimately, his life and business partner, Emma. 

We aren’t telling you this to brag about our back story, we’re demonstrating that our online dating training is simple, logic-based and free of gimmickry. 

You don’t have to look a certain way, talk a certain way or have a lot of dating experience to enjoy success with Dating Transformation. 

In fact, the more unique your interests and tastes, the better. It’s not about squeezing yourself into a narrow box, trying to impress your matches with smooth lines, grand gestures or radical lifestyle changes.

 Our approach rewards you for being yourself, helping you to make your personality an asset, rather than something to change.

The pressure of modern dating can take all the joy out of meeting matches. You can be so preoccupied with saying the right things and eating at the right places that you hide all the best parts of yourself, the parts which the right partner would fall madly in love with, given half the chance.

It’s what Robert and Emma realised when they met each other, and what they now want to help you discover for yourself.

Imagine being your future partner, sifting and swiping through an endless list of dreary, low-quality profiles...By the time they unearth your sparkling page...complete with a thick stack of high quality photos representing every facet of your life, and a loveable bio that woos them before you’ve even sent them a’re almost guaranteed to have them chomping at the bit, eager to know more...

 So to round up... in our Dating Transformation programme you are GUARANTEED

  • A stack of model-esque photographs you can use RIGHT AWAY on your dating profile.

  • Professional guidance from our experienced dating photographer to capture you at your best angles

  • An end to irritating lighting issues, embarrassing mirror selfies and asking friends to photograph you in cringe-worthy poses

  • To own photos that follow a number of tried-and-tested portrait photography techniques used by world-class models around the world to mesmerise the human eye and create DESIRABLE results

  • An engaging and personal online dating bio that has been professionally written by our skillful, in-house dating copywriter to attract the high quality dates you want and repel the time wasters and creeps you don’t want anywhere near you...AT THE SAME TIME

  • To build an online dating profile that acts as a ‘Five Star’ shop window for your love life...doing all the legwork for you and massively improving your chances of high quality matches

  • A profile that can be replicated again and again regardless of the app or service, to place you on top of the pile everytime...

On top of all that, you’ll also gain automatic FREE MEMBERSHIP to our brand new (and currently top secret…) Wingman Matchmakers service, launching soon.

This alone is gold dust, because once the site is live and matches are being made, there’s no guarantee we will keep offering this opportunity...


Before you hover your cursor over the “Get Started” button, you need to make sure this package is right for you.

Because this package is not:

  • A collection of sexy-sounding but useless law of attraction tips you can show off to your friends with

  • A sleazy ‘get laid quick’ scheme

  • A bunch of pick-up artist-type hacks, gimmicks and ninja tricks you can use to manipulate your way to instant dates

  • A miraculous seduction will not magically find your one true love as soon as you use this programme. Like all meaningful transformations, this programme requires time, dedication and an open mind to see lasting results.

What’s more, Robert only has a select few consultation slots available at any one time.

As a result, our Dating Transformation programme is only for serious clients who are determined about enacting change in their dating lives.

If this sounds like you...great. If it doesn’t, I’m afraid this may be where we say adieu.


Still here?


Because if you really are fed up with your friends continually asking why you’re single, tolerating mind-numbing conversations online and a humiliating lack of high quality dates year after year, then here’s what you need to do…

Click the button below labelled ‘Get Started’ now to contact our team. They will get you set up with our Dating Transformation programme right away...




It’s a bold step, but if you truly are committed to need to take action.

After all, love is meant to be a fairy tale, not hard work... click the button above if you want to leave ghosting, bad dates and a cold bed behind forever.