A Competitive Edge on Modern Day Dating

Meeting people nowadays can be hard work. Coronavirus aside, we live in a society that is more inwardly-facing, more device-driven, and more disconnected from actual physical interaction than it ever has been. That means that the opportunities for meeting new people for companionship aren’t as straightforward as bumping into someone in the queue at the butchers, or at the bar on a night out because these things are happening less and less.

Conversely, our expectations for relationships are higher than they’ve ever been. We seem to want everything now, and nothing less than perfection will do. The inevitable result is the pick-up and drop habit that dating apps seem to engender, and we don’t get a chance to develop a friendship, let alone a relationship in the finite window that such interactions allow.

It is no wonder that more and more people are facing difficulties in identifying real opportunities to meet someone new, and more than that, someone who is interested in something a bit longer term than a single date.

But it’s not just about how today’s standards are getting in the way of meeting someone special. We also need to take some responsibility at how our behaviour can sabotage our own dating efforts.

What preparation do you currently put into dating? If the answer is not much then you’re not alone. More than ever, we look after our bodies, our families and friends, our minds and our careers but we do very little to ready ourselves for dating.

It’s not a question of showering, making sure your outfit is on point or that there’s nothing in your teeth before you head out. Instead, it’s the psychological preparation required to ensure your emotional readiness and confidence that is often lacking. Without it you might not be giving yourself the best opportunity for success.

In reality you may just put yourself out there and hope for the best. Or alternatively - and certainly not recommended - you may represent yourself artificially with filter upon filter on your photos and try to make your dating profile stand out from the crowd by being less than honest in your write-up. But pill time: this is self-sabotage.

With the former you perpetuate past mistakes, with the latter you misrepresent yourself so completely that it is no wonder your date is disappointed when the real you turns up. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with you, but if your date is expecting David Beckham and gets Wayne Rooney you can see the obvious issue… footballing prowess aside.

And the result? You either keep on fruitlessly plugging away, with meaningless date after meaningless date, even though this can be massively destructive to your self-esteem, or else you retreat completely from dating, putting it down to a mug’s game. Neither is ideal.

Given the starting point, is it any wonder that so many people find themselves experiencing the harsher side of the dating scene? But thankfully there are services out there that can help the would-be dater with dating success.

Enter the Dating Coach.

Coaches help to provide the potential dater with an improved starting point on approaching the search for companionship. By addressing the mindset and obstacles that their clients face, coaches are able to create a greater awareness of what might be holding them back, and focus on the goals that their clients wish to achieve in the dating scene.

But dating coaches must battle the misconception that they will find you the perfect partner, that if you part with your cash you will be rewarded with your happily-ever-after. The thing is, dating coaches are not typically matchmakers. You would not employ the services of a dating coach in order to set you up with a string of potential dates that match your dating requirements. Nor do coaches host dating sites with a wealth of potential matches… eHarmony they are not.

Dating coaches instead focus on you, helping you provide a solid practical basis for striking out into the dating sphere with renewed confidence, and hopefully success. If you are struggling with dating, or for whatever reason you’re holding back, dating coaches act as your “wingman” in providing the support, both practically and emotionally, to get them back out there.

Introducing Wingman Dating Training.

The brainchild of founder Robert Noakes, Wingman is one such dating coach provider. Roberts philosophy is based on his own (extensive!) dating experiences and he and his team have developed a foolproof methodology that has a proven track record of success with many clients. He goes as far as saying that if the unique Wingman FINDS system is properly followed it is almost impossible not to experience tangible results.

There is no voodoo or secret sauce to the Wingman approach. Rather, by utilising a structured common sense framework addressing potential obstacles faced by many people in the dating game, Rob coaches you through Foundations, Intentions, (casting the) Net, Date and Success stages. And what’s more he is there alongside you each step of the way with regular, in-depth one-on-one coaching sessions to make sure you bring your best game.

Also included in the Wingman packages are practical considerations such as a professional photography shoot and dating profile overhaul so that when you do embark once again on dating, you will do so with a smart, natural and honest dating profile as well as the psychological readiness to hit the ground running.

So, if you have your ducks in a row in other aspects of your life but your love life is left wanting, consider giving Robert at Wingman a shout. Not only will he help you get over whatever is currently holding you back, but in true Wingman style you’ll also get some serious clout in the dating stakes. What’s not to like?