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Here’s why your dating bio is stopping you from finding the love of your life…

Hands up, who’s proud of their dating bio?

Hello? Anyone?

If you sighed, looked up from your screen and cringed then you’re not alone, because bios are hard to write.

And this is no surprise.

After all, would you feel comfortable telling strangers at a party that you like long walks along the beach, spending time with “the girls” or “the lads” and listening to the 1975?

Probably not.

Because talking about yourself like that feels unnatural, and kinda embarrassing.

It’s the same with dating bios.

But here’s the weird thing...if your friend asked you to write their dating profile, you’d likely do a great job.

You might even get them tons of matches.


Because the stakes are lower.

It’s not about YOU.

When you write a dating bio for your friend, your mind is liberated from the stomach churning humiliation you feel when writing about yourself.

This makes it easy for you to write funny comments about their interests and tell genuinely original anecdotes...which is exactly what works on dating apps!

So if you know what works, why don’t you write your own profile that way?

Because it’s your face attached to it, your profile that the cute guy at work could stumble across and laugh at.

It’s easier to seize up when you’ve got something to lose.

And what’s the result?

Endless swiping and no decent matches to show for it.

It’s easy to feel jaded at this point, delete your apps and pour a glass of red wine.

This is what most people do, but it’s a crushing mistake, because…

...the apps themselves are not the issue.

And nor are the folks swiping past you.

It is your PROFILE that is the problem…

...because once your dating bio is polished, it is so easy to get high quality matches!

It’s the difference between swimming with the tide or struggling against it.

Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right?

But just because it's simple doesn’t mean it's easy to action… fact it's damn hard…

Because most people aren’t professional writers!

And unless you ARE a professional writer who has no problem writing about yourself, chances are you’re scratching your head right now.

Well don’t worry, we understand.

In fact our resident dating expert Robert Noakes was in this EXACT position when he was searching for his ideal partner.

It took him years to fine-tune his profile, tweak his bio and learn from bad dating experiences...until eventually he hit gold and met the love of his life! He discovered that a great dating profile can prove the difference between being ghosted and finding your soulmate.

Once he worked this out, he couldn’t keep it to himself...he had to share his secrets with others...

Which is why he created Dating Transformation, the all-inclusive online dating programme that rebuilds your dating profile brick by brick, giving you the professionally written bio, high quality photos and self confidence you need to attract high quality matches...and take back control of your dating life.

Sound good?

Here’s how you can get your hands on Dating Transformation:

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