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This is How You Can Attract High Quality Partners Online

Online dating is broken

That is to say, it’s broken for the vast majority of online app user.

Because it has become as devoid of chivalry as a drunken snog outside a kebab shop at 3am.

You’ll either be ghosted after two messages, asked creepy questions or, if you’re lucky, end up on a ‘virtual date’ which begins with crushing small talk and ends when one of you falls asleep.

But in the age of the internet, is there an alternative?


But what you can do is take a better approach to online dating.

Because dating apps can be mighty effective for a small proportion of people.

The top ten percent.

The users who understand how these apps work and how to get what they want - high quality partners.

Yes, it is possible, and actually easy to find great dates once you understand a few basic truths.

Here’s what you need to attract high quality partners online:

1). Invest in high quality photos - while you may be proud of that blurry mirror broadcasts all the wrong messages. Make sure all your photos are well-lit, high definition and, above all, demonstrate high value.

2). Create an original and engaging bio - You need a bio that attracts the matches you want and repels the time wasting weirdos you don’t want. Writing any bio is hard, but creating a short chunk of copy that creates intrigue and generates matches is very rare...which makes you stand out all the more boldly.

3). Learn from your mistakes - Take time to reflect on what went wrong with your past relationships or dates. If you can’t recognise your role in deciding the success of your love life, you are destined to repeat the same cycle.

4). Know what you want from online dating - This is a big one. Like a ship floating helplessly in a storm, unless you know where you’re headed, you stand little chance of arriving at the right destination. Reflect on what it is exactly that you want in your dating life. Do you want a long term partner? A short fling? A one night stand? The sooner you nail down what you want, the faster you’ll start attracting the right partners.

Phew, that was a mouthful!

But if you work on those areas, you are almost guaranteed to find the high quality matches you’re looking for.

It isn’t easy, though. In fact, creating a successful dating profile and learning to reflect on your own love life is challenging, which is why so few people enjoy success on dating apps.

This is why we’ve created Dating Transformation, an all-inclusive programme that offers you everything you need to find success with online dating.

It includes:

- A stack of high quality, professionally-shot photographs you can use right away on your dating profile.

- A witty, engaging bio written by our dedicated in-house copywriter to ‘sell’ you to potential matches in a way only a professional can, without losing your authentic voice.

- One-on-one coaching with our resident dating expert Robert Noakes over a massive 12-week period. During these weekly sessions Robert will help you build rock-solid confidence, reflect on your past dating life, plan for the future and help you make the most out of your sparkling new dating profile.

Sounds good, right?

Well click this link to book a call and get your hands on Dating Transformation.

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