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This is What Rom Coms Get Wrong About Modern Dating

Unpopular opinion incoming…

Hollywood rom coms don’t understand how romance works.

Sure, they make us all smitten with smooth lines, perfect dates and heart-fluttering meet cutes, but unless Emma Stone works in your local Starbucks, they are about as realistic as the rain at the end of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

You might feel this is quite disheartening.

Because you probably won’t get the girl by asking her out in a press conference or fighting someone in a water fountain, no matter how glamorous it sounds.

And ladies, tripping and spilling your coffee all over a guy in a suit isn’t likely to spark a romance for the ages, no matter how cute you think your clumsiness is.

So why are we killing your rom com dreams?

Because embracing reality is liberating!

While we all love a daydream every now and then, living in a rom com fantasy is not healthy or helpful for your love life, because it leaves you with unrealistic demands, paralysingly passive and, worst of all, pining after greener grass when there’s plenty of amazing dating opportunities staring you in the face.

When you accept your dating life is imperfect, messy and downright embarrassing sometimes, you can let go of the unfulfilled fairytale fantasies dancing around your mind… cliche as it in the real world is more spellbinding than a rom com ever could be.

There’s no scripts, no predictable formats, no perfect matches…

...just glorious surprises and your own UNIQUE story.

Dating is not about memorising slick pick up lines, bringing a beat box on the train with you in the vain hope you’ll meet the love of your life, or piling pressure on yourself to make yourself into the star of your own movie.

Because guess what...there are no cameras to record your mistakes or fake rain to fall on cue.

“Okay, okay,” I hear you say, “I get it, but why are you telling me this?”

Because one of our hardest jobs is to convince our clients that by working on their confidence, presentation and approach to dating, they can experience a fulfilling love life, just where they are.

No hacks, no sexy lines, no silly gestures they learned from a Meg Ryan film.

Just them.

“Alright”, you say, “enough of the cliches, just tell me how I can do this myself”.

Well, unfortunately this leads us onto another unpopular opinion…

You can’t find the partner of your dreams overnight.

It takes time, effort and dedication to improve your dating skills, address past experiences holding you back and become the confident singleton you know in your gut you can become.

This is why our resident dating coach Robert Noakes has created his flagship Dating Transformation programme, which pieces together every cornerstone of a successful dating life...including:

- Model-esque photographs for your online dating profile

- An engaging, funny and above all AUTHENTIC dating bio that effortlessly attracts high quality partners

- 12 weeks of one-on-one consultation with Robert himself, helping you to develop your dating tool kit as well as build your confidence brick by brick.

Sounds good, right?

If you’re sick of watching rom coms with a tub of ice cream, wishing it was you who lived happily ever after, and are ready to take genuine action to take back control of your dating life, then click the link below to discover Dating Transformation:

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