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You're Down the Pub with your Best Friend Enjoying an Overdue Pint.......

Picture the scene…

You’re down the pub with your best friend, enjoying an overdue pint after a long, hard winter. You’re excited to hear what they’ve been up to, and to share your own stories.

But after the first few sips your stomach plummets.

Your throat tightens.

Because your friend only wants to talk about their irritatingly perfect partner.

They’ve moved in together already, and a baby is on the way soon.

“We literally couldn’t be happier…” they say, beaming from ear to ear.

You hate yourself for thinking it...but you don’t wanna know.

And then, when you think you’ve dodged it, the dreaded question:

“So what’s new in your life?”

Memories of a lonely winter spent swiping desperately on dating apps come flooding back.

“Oh, not much” you reply, sinking your pint, avoiding the pitying smile on their face that delivers the final blow.

“You know what you need?” they say, patting you on the arm, “A date.”

It’s not like you haven’t been trying. In fact, the harder you try, the more disheartening the results become.

You get matches alright…they’re just not the right ones.

And the conversations?

Well, if you hear the words “how was your day” a single time more you’d scream, right?

And there’s no way you can tell your friend any of this because they wouldn’t understand.

They have a perfect relationship that sprung outta nowhere. How could they understand the guilt you feel when you answer another anaemic message instead of doing work? It would be embarrassing.

The worst part of all this is that it makes you feel childish.

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there myself.

It’s horrible.

I’ve scrolled mindlessly through dating app after dating app, enduring matches that lead to nowhere and stomaching the gnawing feeling of being constantly let down.

But after years of slogging away at these apps, I finally cracked the code. I found a match I shared a genuine connection with.

Then another.

And another.

I couldn’t stop smiling because I had been right all along - just as you are now. There are wonderful people out there, waiting to connect, you just have to put yourself in the right position.


Through a simple combination of eye-catching photos, a witty and authentic bio, and the dating skills necessary to make the most of your high quality profile.

It took me years to build it, but once I had the dating life of my dreams, I was finally in the right position to meet that special someone.

Which I did, incidentally.

And why am I telling you this?

Because I want to share my findings with you.

I don’t want you to have to claw around in the dark like I did, wasting the golden years of your life scrabbling for unfulfilling dates with strangers you’ll forget in a year’s time.

Which is why I’ve created Dating Transformation, a 12-week programme that helps you rebuild your dating life brick by brick, cutting out the self-doubt, embarrassing mistakes and lost time.

Sound good?

Click the link below to stop your friends asking awkward questions once and for all.

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